What is my acceptance rate and why is it important?


Your acceptance rate measures how many booking requests you accept.


Top owners accept at least 75% of booking requests. The higher your acceptance rate, the higher you will appear in the search results.


Take a look at how you’re doing on your performance page. Under the Acceptance rate tab, you can view the details of your last 20 booking requests and what action you have taken.


How is my acceptance rate calculated?


Your acceptance rate is calculated as a percentage. To work it out, we take the most recent booking requests you’ve received (up to a maximum of 20) and look at how many of them you’ve accepted/edited. We then calculate a percentage as shown below:


For example:

Booking requests received (max 20):            16

Booking requests accepted/edited:               12

Acceptance rate calculation:                        (12/16) x 100 = 75

Acceptance rate:                                           75%


Remember, when a traveler sends you a booking request, they are ready to pay, having already entered their credit card or PayPal details. Declining booking requests is disappointing for travelers and can lower your acceptance rate. To avoid doing so, keep your calendar’s availability up to date.


How can I improve my acceptance rate?


There are several ways to improve your acceptance rate:

  1. Import / Export your calendar - keep it updated so you never double-book or reject booking requests due to inaccurate calendar

  2. Check your rates - make sure they’re all correct so you can always accept.

  3. Download the app - it’s available for Android or iPhone and means you can respond within 24 hours, wherever you are.

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