Do I need to pay tax or VAT?

Depending on where your business is registered and where your rental(s) are located, you may be subject to various taxes, such as VAT in Europe or transient occupancy taxes in some areas of the U.S.

Transient occupancy taxes
In some U.S. jurisdictions (this could be a city, region or state), certain taxes associated with renting out your home will apply. These are referred to as “transient occupancy taxes”.
For certain jurisdictions, TripAdvisor Rentals collects these taxes automatically on your behalf and passes them onto the relevant authorities. You can see a full list of these jurisdictions—along with details of the different tax rates—
You can check your current local tax settings by going to
Taxes and fees.

VAT is calculated only on the 3% commission fee we charge. The rate of VAT is determined by your local tax settings. You can check these by going to My account > Tax.
Please note, you are responsible for ensuring this information is accurate as TripAdvisor Rentals may not be in a position to amend, reissue, or modify any invoice once it has been issued.

Should I charge guests more to cover taxes I pay?
If you wish to increase your rates to cover taxes or VAT, this is at your discretion. However, as the commission fee is calculated as a percentage, this will increase along with your rates.
You can view and edit your current tax settings in your dashboard by going to
Taxes and fees.
Note: The information here is intended only to give a broad overview of some taxes vacation rental owners may be required to pay. For more detailed information relevant to your personal circumstances, we recommend you seek professional tax advice.


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