How do I book a rental?

Find the perfect vacation rental


Whether you’re looking for a chic city loft or a cozy mountain cabin, with more than 830,000 properties on TripAdvisor Rentals, it’s easier than ever to find the right rental for your next trip.

  • Enter the name of your destination (city, state, or country)

  • Add your travel dates (or leave this field blank, if your dates are flexible)

  • Review the list of available properties

  • Use filters to narrow your results by price, location, and more


Once you’ve found a property you like, read the reviews and house rules to make sure it’s a good fit for you.


Send a booking request


Found the perfect place? Take a moment to check your travel dates and adjust the number of guests. This automatically calculates your rental rate.

  • Select Book now to reach the booking payment page

  • Enter your contact information and payment details

  • Review the cancellation policy and booking contract


Please note: No money will leave your account until the owner accepts your request, but the total amount will be authorized (or placed on hold) by your bank. Don’t worry—if the booking request is rejected or expires, the hold will be lifted within 10 business days.


Ask a question before booking


To reach the owner, select Send Message or fill out the Contact the ownerform. The owner should answer your question(s) and send a quote. If you're happy with the details, accept it and pay online.


If there’s no Book now button


This means the owner doesn’t accept  online bookings through our platform. They may still offer a secure form of payment, but you won’t be covered by Payment Protection. Contact them directly to book.


The owner may ask you to pay by bank transfer or check before  you arrive. We advise against transferring money via Western Union or MoneyGram, as these methods are untraceable.


After your booking is confirmed


All that’s left to do is pack your bags! In the meantime, use the Manage my booking page to prepare for your trip.


  • Send the owner a message (or get their direct contact details)

  • Make a payment or cancel your booking

  • Find useful information about the property, including check-in details and directions

  • Submit a review after your stay to share your experience with others

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