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Can I charge any extra fees?

Can I charge any extra fees?
Yes, you can set extra fees for things like additional guests, accepting pets, providing beach towels or supplying groceries on arrival. You can also add one-off fees to existing bookings. Here’s what you need to do:

Adding extra fees

You can set up additional fees so they’re automatically added to every quote and every booking request.

  • Go to Taxes and Fees
  • Enter a name and amount for the fee you’d like to charge
  • Select Save
To add another, simply select Add another fee and follow the same steps.
Important: Any fee entered will only be applied once per booking. If you want to enter a fee that's calculated per person and night, follow the steps for Charging more for larger groups below.

Adding a one-off fee
If you’d like to add a one-off fee to an existing booking—for example, if a guest wants to bring a pet with them and you want to charge more—you can do this easily from your dashboard.
If you haven’t yet accepted the booking request:
  • Go to your Inbox and find the relevant booking request
  • Select Edit booking request on the right-hand side of the page
  • Select Add a fee
  • Enter a name and amount for the fee you’d like to charge
  • Select Save

If you’ve already accepted the booking, please follow these steps.

Charging more for larger groups

If you’d like to add a fee for larger groups staying at your rental (or a different fee that’s calculated per person and night), you can do this in the Rates section of your account. Simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Rates and select Edit on the rate you want to add the extra fee to
  • Select Advanced settings and check the Charge more for larger groups box
  • Enter the price and minimum number of guests this fee will apply to
  • Select Save

Don’t forget to add the fee to all of your seasonal rates, too (if needed).



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