What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

If you want to cancel a booking, your guests will be disappointed and will have to find alternative accommodation. This may be at a higher cost and they may have to change or cancel their travel plans.
Cancelling a booking should only happen in extreme circumstances. To do so, go to your
Inbox and follow the instructions.



  • Your listing will appear lower in search results which may mean fewer bookings
  • Cancellations make your rental less attractive to travelers as it can appear unreliable
  • If you cancel repeatedly, we have no choice but to remove you from all TripAdvisor  sites
You will be charged a cancellation fee at the time of cancellation. You won’t be able to cancel a booking without paying the fee at this point. Once the fee has been collected, you’ll receive an invoice via email.
The fee covers both the administration costs of processing the cancellation and helping the traveler find alternative accommodation.

If you’re cancelling due to a major incident, please get in touch so we can help and advise you.

If the guest wants to cancel

You can’t cancel a booking on behalf of a guest. If they contact you saying they want to cancel, please tell them they’ll need to do this themselves by going to Manage my holiday booking (top right on our network of sites) or their Rental Inbox.
From there, they can view their booking and cancel it.

You can waive your cancellation policy and offer a refund to your guest once they’ve cancelled their booking.

If you don’t use our online booking service

You manage cancellations and refunds yourself, so you’ll need to refund the guest directly.

What happens if a guest cancels their booking online?

If a guest cancels their booking online, they will be automatically sent a refund according to your chosen cancellation policyYou can also offer your guest a full or partial refund outside of your cancellation policy through your inbox. Choose the conversation with your guest and select Offer a refund.
For any bookings taken on or after 22 February 2017 where the booking is more than 60 days in the future, the traveler will be able to cancel it, free of charge, within 24 hours of booking confirmation. This applies to all bookings paid for through our secure payment platform. All free listings and most annual listings use online booking (see below).
The refund to the guest will be sent approximately 24 hours after canceling the booking. If you are due a payment following the cancellation policy, that will be sent to you 24h after the check-in date.
To see any any payouts that are owed to you, go to
Track payments.
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