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Certificate of Excellence – Why has my Certificate of Excellence not arrived as expected?



Important update:
As the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 continues to impact the travel industry and forces countries into lockdown, we’re unfortunately unable to support the Certificate of Excellence qualification period for 2020. We will do our best to get the process up and running again and to keep you updated on this page as and when we have further news.

My certificate hasn’t arrived

You have to request your certificate by following the link in the announcement email we’ve sent you, where you’ll be asked to enter your shipping details. Don’t worry if you’ve not received our email yet, it normally takes a few weeks after the qualification period closes for us to make final calculations and email our winners.

Once you’ve requested the paper copy of your certificate, it will take a minimum of 8 weeks, longer if you’re based outside of the US, for the certificate to be delivered.


The information shown is incorrect or the certificate was damaged in the post

Please contact us for more help.


Can I print my certificate instead?

No. We do not provide electronic versions of the certificate to prevent fraudulent copies being created.


Issues with the online merchandise

If you have any problems with the online Certificate of Excellence merchandise, you can contact VistaPrint directly for assistance. Their phone number is 1 866 614 8002 and is shown at the top right of the VistaPrint store next to the telephone icon.  


What address will the certificate be delivered to?

The certificate will be sent to the location you provided in the online request form.


Can I have more than one certificate?

No. We only allow one certificate per property.


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