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How do I report a problem with my stay?

If the property you’ve booked doesn’t meet your expectations, or you think there are amenities missing or broken, you should contact the property owner/manager immediately. The sooner you raise your concerns, the sooner they can help resolve them. It’s important that you do not leave it until you get home, unless you’ve been unable to contact them. 

Take photos or videos supporting your complaint and keep any documentation, such as receipts or relevant correspondence. This will help us to review your case.

If, when you arrive at the property, you feel that it has been misrepresented (i.e. it differs substantially from the photos and description shown in the listing), you may be eligible for Payment Protection. You can check if you claim is eligible and find next steps 

We always recommend contacting the owner in the first instance and trying to resolve the situation with them.

What if the owner and I can’t reach an agreement?

If you’ve contacted the owner/manager to present your evidence (e.g. photos, videos, etc.) but they have not made any attempt to address or resolve your complaint, or you are unsatisfied with their response, please contact us with full details and include your evidence. Our complaints process outlines what details we’ll need from you in order to assist you.

The next step is to leave a review and share your experiences about the property, including how the owner handled your complaint. Reviews are published on the listing and the owner does have the opportunity to respond to them.

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