I’m having trouble making my balance payment. What should I do?

If you’re trying to pay the balance but receiving an error message, why not try some of our troubleshooting steps:

If you’re paying by card:

  • Double check your card details to ensure your billing address matches the one your card is registered to

  • Ensure the limit on your card covers the payment due. Unfortunately, we cannot split the balance amount

  • If you’re paying with a different currency, check with your card provider that your card can be used for transactions in foreign currencies

  • Some card providers may block the online transaction as part of their security measures (for example, if there’s a high amount or foreign currency). Contact your card provider to confirm the transaction and this should go through fine

If the card error persists after checking the above, you may need to try an alternative card or payment method.

If you’re paying with PayPal:

  • Double check your PayPal account to ensure your linked payment cards are up to date or that your PayPal balance is sufficient

  • Ensure your account is verified

  • PayPal may have limits on the transaction amount for your particular country. Contact PayPal if you’re unsure about your allowance

Errors may be linked to the payment card rather than your PayPal account. Review the troubleshooting steps above or contact PayPal for further assistance.

Possible technical disruptions:

  • The error could also be caused by your browser (i.e Firefox, Safari, Chrome), try using a different browser to process your payment

  • Clear your browser files (caches, cookies and temporary internet files)

  • From time to time, our website may be going through updates which can cause short temporary issues. After 30 minutes, refresh your page and try to submit your payment again

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