How can I track my booking payouts?

When a traveler sends you a booking request, we charge their payment method after you confirm the booking. Then, whether their stay is next year or tomorrow, we hold the payment until 24 hours after check-in.

It’s a system designed to give travelers peace of mind and simplify the process for you—no need to juggle invoices or chase down late payments.

View your payouts

You can find details about all your payouts on the
Track Payments page in your account.


  • To find a booking: Enter the booking reference (e.g. BR12345678) into the search box

  • To filter by date: Select a date range and click View

  • To see payment details for future bookings: Click the Upcoming tab

  • To see payment details for past bookings: Click the Released tab

For Upcoming bookings, the Amount column shows the total payout you’re due to receive after applicable taxes or fees. To view a more detailed breakdown, select Booking details.

Check your payout status
You can find the status of your payouts under the Transfer date column.

  • Released after check-in: The booking hasn’t started. Your payout will be released 24 hours after the check-in time stated on the booking confirmation (only on business days).

  • In Progress: Your payout is being processed or is on its way.

  • Deposited: Your payout was successfully sent.

  • Delayed: There may be a problem with your payout. See a list of possible reasons and next steps here.

Offline bookings

If you don’t accept bookings through our secure online platform, we’re unable to provide you with an overview of your payments. You’ll need to manage these directly.

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