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How do I get my listing back online?

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Go to My listings and review the information we have for you on the drop down menu Manage next to the listing you want to switch back on. It’s important that your property details are up to date and that we have the correct payout settings before you put your property online.

Please confirm the following before going back online:

Prices, taxes and fees: the rental rate you will charge guests to stay, any local taxes you may be required to collect, and details of any additional fees you may want to charge (e.g. cleaning or pet fees)

Calendar: update what availability your rental has for the coming year. To save time, you can connect your TripAdvisor Rentals calendar to your Airbnb, HomeAway and Google calendars.

Booking policies: let us know if you want us to collect a refundable damage deposit, if travellers will pay in instalments or in full, and which cancellation policy you’d like to use.

Check your payout settings:   

Payout settings: confirm the bank/PayPal account where you’d like to send your money

Once you’ve confirmed all of your details are correct and updated, click or tap the grey Offline switch next to the listing you want to switch back on. Your listing will go live immediately and appear online within 24 hours.


Annual subscriptions

Go to My listings and click or tap the grey Offline switch next to the listing you want to renew. You will then need to follow the instructions shown before paying.

Once you have paid to renew your listing, our Retention and renewals team will review your request and activate your listing.
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