How do I send a quote?

When a guest sends you an inquiry:

   - Go to your Inbox, find the inquiry and click Send quote or reply

   - Select Edit quote

   - Check you're happy with all the details, including the dates, rate and any additional fees

   - Click Send quote - both you and the traveler will receive the quote by email


Can I create a quote from scratch?

Yes. If you have the guest’s email address, you can create a quote directly from your Inbox. You will be asked to enter the guest’s information and booking details. Finally, you can choose to send our standard quote message template or write your own.

If a quote expires will I have missed out on a booking?

Not necessarily. You can ask the guest to send you a new inquiry and repeat the steps above.

Why is the system saying I don’t have prices when I do?

If the rate on the quote is automatically set to zero, it’s likely that the quote is for more people than your property caters for. Check that the total number of guests (adults and children) does not exceed the maximum stated on your listing.

You may receive a request for your maximum number of adult guests, plus children. If you want to accept the booking, you can only include the adult guests on the quote form. Here’s what to do:

  • Click Edit quote and enter the number of adult guests (the maximum stated on your listing).

  • Change the number of children to 0.

  • Add a short message to tell the guest that their children can also stay, but that you were unable to include them on the quote.  

Can I remove the rental agreement from a quote?

For all free listings and annual listings using online booking , you must have a rental agreement attached to all quotes. This is to ensure that there are clear terms agreed between you and the guest should any disputes arise. You can use our standard rental agreement - which is the default contract automatically attached to your quotes - or upload your own one by going to Booking policies.

Please be aware that our standard rental agreement and your chosen cancellation policy within the Booking policies section will supersede any policy mentioned in your rental agreement.

Exception for annual listings

If you don’t use our online booking system, it’s up to you to send your guests a rental agreement. We strongly recommend that you always attach one as it makes guests feel more secure about the booking and can help to avoid any complications later.

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