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What is a quote?

A quote is a great way of turning an inquiry into a booking.

When you receive an inquiry, respond quickly with a quote - the traveler will then be sent a summary of their stay, together with a link to pay securely online.

The quote outlines the holiday dates, group size, the rental costs, security deposit, any extra fees and the final cost.


What happens when I send a quote?

  • The guest will receive an email with the full details of the quote and a link to our site where they can pay to secure their vacation.

  • You'll receive a copy of the quote for your records.

  • Your calendar will still show the dates as available for bookings until the guest pays. If the guest makes a payment, the dates will be automatically marked as unavailable.

  • If the guest doesn’t pay by the date specified in your booking settings the quote will expire.

Still available for bookings

When you send a quote, your calendar will still show those dates as available for bookings. If the traveler makes a payment, the dates will be automatically marked as unavailable.

Can I send a message with my quote?

Yes - all quotes are sent with a standard message which you can personalize to get guests excited about staying at your place. Just click on the text box to edit your message.




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