What should I do if a guest brings additional people?

If a party of guests is larger than stated in the original booking, here are some options to help you resolve the situation:

The booking hasn’t started yet

  • If you can accommodate the extra guests, edit the booking in your dashboard. The traveller will then receive a notification asking them to review the changes and make any additional payments that are needed.
  • If you can’t accommodate the larger group, let your guest know your property isn’t suitable for their stay. You can suggest that the extra people find another rental nearby or, as a last resort, that the guest cancels their booking. Note: They may be eligible for a refund, depending on your chosen cancellation policy.

The guests have already arrived

  • If you’re happy to accommodate the larger group, make your guests aware of the rates for additional guests shown on your listing. Discuss the cost for the additional people and, if your guests are happy, how they should pay the extra charges.
  • If your property isn’t suitable for the extra people, let your guests know they’re welcome to stay as per their original booking, but the property can’t accommodate the additional people in the party.
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