Why have my messages to a guest been blocked?

In order to protect both owners and travelers against fraud and phishing attempts, we require all communication to go through our secure messaging system.
Sometimes, our system blocks messages which may contain sensitive information. Examples of information which may cause a message to be blocked include:
  • Phone numbers
  • Personal email addresses
  • Links to external websites
You’ll be able to view your guest’s contact information as soon as the booking has been paid in full. Then, you can send any additional information or contact them directly.
In the meantime, you can still communicate with your guest through our messaging system:
  • Discuss property details and facilities
  • Describe the local area and amenities
  • Share internal links (e.g. if you’d like to recommend another property you list on our website)
As soon as the booking has been paid in full, you can:
  • View the guest’s contact information by selecting Get contact info (on the right hand side of the page where your guest’s messages are displayed)
  • Share your contact details with your guest
  • Provide your full property address and check-in information
  • Share any personal documentation or identification
If you need a hand explaining this to your guest, you can find some example messages here.
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