How do I add my tourist licence number/state tax ID to my listing?

In some countries, you need a tourist licence or state tax ID to let a property. If your rental is in a location where this information is required, it must be clearly displayed on your listing.

Where can I add my tourist licence/state tax ID?
You can enter this information when you first create your listing, or once your listing is live:

  • At the end of the Key information section, enter your tourist licence number/state tax ID in the box provided and click Save.
​Your tourist licence number/state tax ID will appear on your listing within 24 hours, next to your name and response rate.

Do I need a licence to let my property?
It depends on where your property is. Some destinations have registration requirements or zoning regulations in place when it comes to short-term lets. These can be country, region or city-specific. It’s best to contact the local council or authority to check what, if anything, applies to your area.

What if my listing has already been taken offline?
Due to legislation changes in some regions, we may need to take any listings without a valid licence/state tax ID temporarily offline.
To get your listing(s) back online:
  • Go to My Listings, select Property details and enter your licence number/state tax ID (if you have multiple listings requiring this information, you’ll need to enter each number individually).
  • Be sure to enter the number carefully and don’t add any unnecessary spaces or symbols. If you’re unsure about the correct formatting or see an error message, please contact your local authorities for advice.
  • Once you’ve added the number(s), go to My Listings and select the grey Offline toggle button so it turns green and says Online.


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