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How do I add/update my rates?

It’s essential to set your rates and keep them up to date, otherwise guests may not be able to find your listing in their dated search or send you a booking request. We recommend you set rates up to 18 months in advance, so you won’t miss out on bookings.

Go to Rates where you can:
  • Add new rates: click Add a seasonal rate to set your rates based on the high or low season in your location. You can also set weekend rates and choose to charge more for larger groups.

  • Edit rates: click Edit next to the rate you want to edit and make your changes.

  • Set base rates (previously known as ‘default rates’): by having base rates, every date has a rate, making guests more likely to book with you. If you haven’t already, click Add my base rate.

  • Delete rates: click Delete next to the rate you want to delete.

  • Choose the currency which you want to display your rates and take bookings.

  • Set up Changeover day - you can select any day of the week to be your changeover day when guests can arrive, or leave it as flexible if you can accommodate travelers any day of the week. Click Edit on any of your seasonal rates or base rate to set it up.

  • Set your Check-out day: select any day of the week as the day you’d like your guests to check out, or leave this flexible. You can choose this for your base and seasonal rates.

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