How do I edit a booking?

You can now make changes to a booking, even if the guest has already made a payment.

If you’d like to edit the dates, number of guests or add additional fees, simply follow these steps:
  • Go to your Inbox and open the conversation with the guest

  • Click Edit booking under the Booking details section

  • A pop up window will appear, from which you can change the booking dates, rental cost or add a fee. Please note that you cannot edit the guest contact details, damage deposit or balance due date

  • Add a message to the guest and click Send

At this point, your guest will receive a notification inviting them to review the changes and take action within 48 hours. Once they accept the amendment request, they’ll have up to 96 hours to make any additional payments if required.
What happens if there is a price change?
If your booking edits result in a price change, your guest will be asked to make an additional payment, depending on the following scenarios:
  • Booking deposit paid only - the price change will affect the booking balance. For example, if the price increases or decreases, the balance amount (and, if necessary, due date) will be adjusted accordingly. 

In case that the booking is canceled by the guest before they pay the new balance, the cancellation policy will apply only to the originally paid deposit amount

  • Full balance paid - if the new price is higher than the original amount, the guest will be asked to make an additional payment. If the new price is less than the original amount, we’ll issue a refund to the guest for the difference.

Whenever any booking amendments are made, you’ll be notified via email and able to see the progress of the amendment on the conversation page with the guest.

What happens if there is no price change?
If the price stays the same, e.g. you are moving the booking from 1 - 10 July to 2 - 11 July, your guest will only have to confirm that they agree with the change and the new dates will be confirmed. Your calendar and payout date will be updated accordingly.

What if the traveler doesn’t take action, or declines the request?
If the booking amendment request expires, the booking will remain live and in its original state.
If the traveler declines the request, the booking will again remain live and in its original state. If necessary, you can then send the guest a new amendment request.

In what scenarios would I not be able to make booking changes?
You will not be able to edit a booking if:
  • The new dates of the booking are before the original balance due date, e.g. if the booking is in September and the balance payment is due in August, you cannot move the booking dates to July
  • The balance due date is in the next 2 days
  • The booking starts in the next 7 days
  • The booking has started already and your payout has been sent
  • The booking includes an occupancy tax, or there is an occupancy tax set up on your account
  • The booking has been made on our Instant Booking model
  • There has been an approved booking amendment already
  • There is a pending amendment outstanding
  • You have not accepted the latest Terms and Conditions. Simply log in to your account and you’ll be presented with the Terms of use update.

Please note: This functionality is currently available only to owners using our Free Listing model.
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