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How do I edit the balance due date? (for owners)


If you offer online booking through our website

For existing bookings: if a guest has already booked and wants to change the date their balance is due, you’ll need to contact us for assistance.

For new bookings: you can change when the balance is due (i.e. how many days before check-in). We require the balance to be paid in full at least 15 days before the check-in date.

To edit the balance due date for new bookings:

  • If you list multiple properties, choose which one you want to edit from the drop-down menu

  • Scroll to Guest payment options

  • In the box provided, note when the balance is due. For example, if you want the balance to be paid 30 days before check-in, enter “30”.

If you don’t offer online booking

You manage payments yourself, so you’ll need to contact the guest directly.

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