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How do I respond to guests?


You can respond to inquiries one of three ways to ensure they count towards the response rate published on your listing:
1) Through our free TripAdvisor owner app - available for iPhone and Android
2) Through your own mailbox - simply reply to the inquiry email we send you

3) Through the Inbox on your TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals account

Booking requests:

If you are happy with the request, click Accept in your Inbox and we will process the guest's pre-authorized payment, confirming the booking on your calendar.

Do you need to make changes to the booking?

Click on Edit Booking request, make the changes and click Send. This cancels the booking request and the guest will receive a new quote from you. No payment will be taken until the guest pays the quote.

Can’t accept the booking?

It’s disappointing for the guest when their booking request gets declined. See if you can offer them alternative dates. Otherwise, click Decline.


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