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How do I set rates for large groups?

When you first set your rates, they apply to any group size up to the maximum you accept. You can change this so your rate applies to a smaller group of guests and any additional guests pay a fee. 

An example of how additional guest fees work

  • A rental sleeps a maximum of 6 people and costs $300 per week
  • You change this so the $300 per week rate only applies to groups of 4 or less
  • You then set an additional guest fee of $10 per person, per night
  • This means that if 5 guests stay, the rate will be $370 per week
  • If 6 guests stay, the rate will be $440 per week

When you add or edit a seasonal rate (for particular dates) or a base rate (for dates not covered by your seasonal rates), you'll have the option to charge more for larger groups. 

To do this:

  • Go to Rates
  • Click Edit next to the rate you want to edit
  • Check Charge more for larger groups
  • Enter the additional fee per guest, per night
  • Select the number of guests your rates apply to before you charge the additional fee
  • Save your changes

You'll follow the same process when you add new rates too. 

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