How do I update my calendar?

In the Calendar section, you can manage your listing’s availability by updating and synchronizing your calendar.

How does it work?
Hover over any existing event to see important details, such as:
  • The traveler name on the booking
  • The number of guests
  • The total payout you are due to receive
We use a color scheme to differentiate the events on your calendar. Your calendar events will show in:  
  • Grey for dates you have manually marked as unavailable
  • Orange for confirmed bookings taken through TripAdvisor Rentals or connected calendars
  • Light Orange for pending booking requests
Each imported booking will show our synchronizing icon. TripAdvisor Rentals bookings will show the TripAdvisor owl icon.

Updating your calendar dates

If you would like to mark dates in your calendar as available/unavailable, simply select the start date of your chosen period, followed by the end date. Once selected, you can add a note to name the marked period (i.e. ‘building works’ or ‘family booking’). Finally, select Set to unavailable to complete the update.

Amending an existing event

You can make changes to an existing event you have created manually, by selecting the day you would like to amend. You can select the whole event, or a section within it. You then have the option to delete the selected event period or to make changes to the event details.  

Overlapping events

Your TripAdvisor Rentals calendar allows you to view multiple events with overlapping dates. Hover over the event to see more details, and a summary of the events you have booked in during those dates.
  • If there are 2 overlapping events, you will see these separately.
  • Should you have 3 or more overlapping events, you will see 2 separate bars:
The first bar represents one event, whereas the bottom bar combines all remaining events. Select the second event to view a lightbox, which allows you to choose the event you want to look at.
By selecting an event, you can see its details and make changes if it was created manually.
To make changes to synced events, go to the original calendar where the event was created (e.g. on HomeAway or Airbnb) and your TripAdvisor Rentals calendar will update automatically.

Connecting with other calendars

To avoid double bookings, you can also connect your calendar with other external calendars or export yours to other sites. Read more about it
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