What happens if a guest doesn't pay their balance by the due date?

If you offer online booking through our website

If the guest hasn’t paid their balance by the due date, we will:
  • Automatically cancel the booking, sending both you and the guest a notification
  • Pay you the guest’s deposit. We’ll do this approximately 24 hours after the check-in date stated on the original booking confirmation (only on business days and minus our 3% processing fee and the guest booking fee)
  • Update your calendar as available for the dates of the canceled booking

If you don't offer online booking

You manage bookings yourself, so it's up to you to chase the payment or cancel the booking.

If the guest wants to re-book your property

Ask the guest to submit a new booking request. Alternatively, you can send them a quote.
You can refund the guest’s deposit for the original canceled booking once they have re-booked. Simply follow these steps through your Inbox.


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