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What is the guest booking fee? (for owners)

TripAdvisor Rentals charges guests a booking fee when booking through our platform. This helps meet some of the costs of running our websites, including:

  • making sure transactions are secure
  • developing the websites and improving user experience
  • providing owners and travelers with 24-hour customer support
How is the booking fee calculated?
The booking fee is a percentage of the total rental cost. The fee is variable and ranges from 8% to 16% for the majority of bookings, but can be slightly lower in some cases.

Note: Refundable damage deposits and taxes are not included when calculating the booking fee.

Is the booking fee refundable?
  • If the traveler cancels their booking, your chosen cancellation policy will apply and the booking fee is not refundable.
    Note:if the traveler cancels within the 24-hour cooling off period, they will receive a full refund including the booking fee.
  • If you cancel the booking, the traveler receives a full refund, including the booking fee.
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