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Why can’t I find my listing in the search results?

My property has just been activated but I can't see it in the search results

Once your listing has been activated, it can take up to 48 hours to appear on all TripAdvisor websites.
You can view your property by going to
My listings, selecting the property title and choosing the website you want to view your listing on.

My property has been active for longer than 3 days and I can't see it in the search results

Our search engine works intelligently, displaying listings that match what travelers are searching for. If you can’t find your listing in the search results, please try the following:

  • Check your search filters: You can filter the search results by price, location and more. Make sure the filters match exactly what you’re searching for and clear any default filters that don’t match your listing.

  • ​Search for particular dates: Make sure the dates you’re searching for are marked as available in your calendar. You must have rates for those dates, otherwise your listing will be excluded from any dated or rate-related searches. Set seasonal rates for the next 12-18 months or add a default rate, so you don’t miss out on bookings. Set your rates now.

  • Search by location or number of guests: ​​​Check that you’re searching for a location that matches the one on your listing.  

  • ​Filter by price: Remember, you must have rates for the dates your are searching for or you’ll be excluded from the search.

Things to note:

  • If you search by location and number of guests, you’ll see properties which allow up to four more guests than the number you selected. For example, if you search for 4+ guests, you’ll see properties which sleep between 4 and 8 guests.

  • If you search by location, but don’t enter a group size or dates of stay, all properties in that area will display.

  • If you search by location and dates of stay, but don’t enter the number of guests, this defaults to two, so the results will only display properties in that area that sleep 2-6 people.


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